Our company, continuing its operations as Evren Metal A.S since 1988. Company carry on production with 50 staff at Bilecik 1 Industrial place. Our facility is established over 23000 m2 area with a sheltered production area of 5100 m2. Also our center is located in Istanbul Imes-Dudullu Industrial Place.


Our vision is to become a leader in metal industry both nationally and internationally as our service complies with quality standards and exceeds the expectations of our clients.


Our mission is to realize an environmentally friendly and a safe production line in terms of work safety through constantly revizing our production line according to new technology, using our sources effectively and constantly improving ourself in terms of quality, cost, customer care and product variety.
• Apply to all environmental regulatory compliances and to do what is neccesary.

• Contribute to reduction in all aspects of environmental pollution.

• Provide an open policy to all.

• To support our employees with life long learning oppurtunity in environmental systems in order to achieve a successfull environmental system.

• To improve our environmental standards by collaborating with national and local offices as well as other industrial organizations and suppliers.
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